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Are global payments possible? Maybe only if humanity gets modernized

So it’s time to talk about David Schwartz, Technology Director at Ripple, as well as one of the original architects of the Ripple consensus network. Get to know David Schwartz Prior to joining Ripple, David Schwartz was Technical Director for WebMaster Incorporated, a software developer in Santa Clara, developing encrypted…

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The promising future of Blockchain startups

Lack of confidence in financial institutions has long hindered financial inclusion, political participation and startups. In our region, the challenges that are being worked on are fundamental, with notable efforts that promise a good future. The ongoing digital transformation of the region, the rapid changes that keep entrepreneurs in the…

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Fintech and Blockchain are the new trends of the financial system

The terms Fintech and Blockchain are part of the new trends in the financial system. It is dedicated to intermediating in money transfers, loans, purchase and sale of securities or in financial and investment advice. The first concept is the result of the union of finance and technology. Which refers…

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Paypal is investing in a blockchain startup for the first time

Financial services provider Paypal participates in Cambridge Blockchain’s first round of financing. This was announced by Blockchain startup in a Monday press release. It is Paypal’s only stake in a blockchain startup so far. Exact size of the investment of Paypal unknown Paypal and Cambridge Blockchain have been silent about…

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Data infrastructure: Why are blockchains investing so much in it?

Switzerland-based Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and cyber security firm WISeKey has acquired a 22-percent stake in American data infrastructure company Tarmin with a multi-million dollar transaction, the exact amount of which is unspecified. WISeKey announced this on April 3 in an official announcement. WISeKey focuses on creating digital identity…

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Austrian Minister disagrees with Europe’s “excessive” Blockchain regulation

The Austrian Minister of Digital and Economic Affairs told the ANON Blockchain summit that “Europe has a strong tendency to regulate excessively”. The Minister of Digital and Economic Affairs of Austria, Margarete Schramböck, recently pointed out that the country could oppose European trends, leaving the country’s Blockchain technology sector unregulated.…

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