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Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP Futures are to come to the German stock exchange

The German derivatives exchange Eurex plans to launch digital asset futures contracts linked to Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. On December 13, 2017, WIWO already reported that Deutsche Börse is considering offering derivatives that allow its clients to bet on falling crypto prices. A spokesman for Deutsche Börse told the WIWO,”We…

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Do VeriBlock transactions in the Bitcoin network help or damage the BTC?

According to the Bitcoin developers’ (BTC) reports, a surprising amount of block space is being wasted in the Bitcoin network to secure the blockchain of other crypts. A company called VeriBlock has been “borrowing” the hash power of the Bitcoin network to increase security in altcoin vulnerable chains and fill…

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Bitcoin vs gold: which one would you choose?

Nick Szabo believes that Bitcoin (BTC) could replace Gold as an international value store. According to the acknowledged cryptographer, central banks could use Bitcoin and supplement their national gold reserves. He also believes that countries with macroeconomic problems would also begin to embrace Bitcoin and other digital assets. Szabo gave…

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