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Looking for an Online Reader to help your kids with reading? Check this company

As school approaches for young kinder kids, parents and learners alike should be well informed of the resources accessible to them as they prepare to start a new grade, new year, and new learning challenges. Text-to-speech software is always an essential device for students with dyslexia, to help kids with…

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Free Text-To-Speech and Text-to-MP3 for Turkish, Check this company

The company is Woord. Easily convert your Turkish text into professional speech for free using female or male premium voices. Perfect for e-learning, presentations, YouTube videos, and increasing the accessibility of your website. Woord’s Turkish English TTS is a unique tool that aims to create a wide range of Artificial…

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A few days after the elections, what do international referents think about the future of the Argentine fintech segment

A few days after the elections, what do international referents think about the future of the Argentine fintech segment Despite the complex economic and political landscape of 2019, Fintech references in the region welcome the future of the Argentine market At least from the point of view of entrepreneurs from…

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Google withdraws Hong Kong protester role play from Play Store · Global Voices

The Chinese version of the report was published in The Stand News on October 10, 2019. The English version was published in Global Voices as part of a content association agreement. A mobile application role-playing game with an argument based on recent protests in Hong Kong was suspended from Google…

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What do the Berlin fintech and Chinese payment service hope for?

The Chinese service provider for mobile payment and the Berlin based fintech have announced that they will work together soon. What do the participants hope for? Alipay: More than just mobile payment Since its inception in 2004, the Chinese payment service provider Alipay has more than 700 million users. In…

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Amazon preparing to close its e-commerce store in China

Amazon is preparing to close a Chinese online store that serves consumers in mainland China, according to people familiar with the subject. This withdrawal represents a major setback for the company. Other Amazon operations in China, such as Amazon Web Services, Kindle e-books and cross-border equipment that help send merchandise…

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