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Fintech startup will launch crypto operations through a partnership with Coinbase

The Ripple XRP token is bearing good news while it is still fresh from being listed on the Coinbase Pro. The good news is SBI, which is a backer of Ripple, is planning on having many banks within the Japan market to use the MoneyTap option. The MoneyTap is a…

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Is Coinbase in crisis? Learn all about this issue right here

It seems that, after a series of unfortunate events, the important Coinbase could be entering a major crisis. The hashtag took over Twitter Currently, the hashtag #DeleteCoinbase is becoming more popular per minute, from users who show proof that they have eliminated their Coinbase account, to the warning to stay…

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What happened to the CFTC request? Coinbase and other large companies respond

Several major crypto and traditional financial firms responded to a request from the US Trade Commission for Commodity Futures (CFTC) on the mechanics of crypto assets on February 25. About the CFTC document The CFTC published its request at the end of December 2018. In it, the Regulatory Authority’s LabCFTC…

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Bitcoin will be larger than the Internet. Why this Fintech company backed by Goldman Sachs believe on that?

In a session of the AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on Reddit, the director and co-founder of Circle, Jeremy Allaire, declared that he expects Crypto to have a greater impact on humanity than the invention of the Internet. Circle is a famous Fintech startup supported by Goldman Sachs that became popular…

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List of the cheapest exchanges to buy and sell cryptocurrencies

Within the options available to us to operate cryptocurrency, in addition to the CFD platforms, we have different types of exchange and even exclusive trading platforms for tokens. What is an exchange? Fundamentally an exchange is an online platform that allows the exchange of fiat money (fiduciary, explained below) by…

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