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Fintech startup will launch crypto operations through a partnership with Coinbase

The Ripple XRP token is bearing good news while it is still fresh from being listed on the Coinbase Pro. The good news is SBI, which is a backer of Ripple, is planning on having many banks within the Japan market to use the MoneyTap option.

The MoneyTap is a money transfer application that has been powered by the Ripple in which it is expected that each bank together with the regional banks will be able to use it very easily. More on the SBI Yoshitaka Kitao, who is the SBI Holdings Representative Director and President went ahead to mention that the SBI VCTrade will be going live in March.

What this means is that for the verified members within the system they will be able to easily purchase the XRP token, together with other tokens with the use of the Japanese Yen, JPY.

As the order books will be going live, we should expect to see the Japanese market having come additional liquidity, one that will be able to accommodate the large volumes of trades that is expected to take place

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