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A bank working on quickly launching new payment services and solutions for fintech for consumers

Banco Davivienda, one of the largest banks in Colombia, signed an agreement with the global payment innovator Verrency to be a launching partner in Latin America. The agreement allows Banco Davivienda to take advantage of the Verrency platform to test and quickly launch new card programs, payment services and solutions…

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ABL Capital is incorporated as a new member of Colombia Fintech

ABL Capital, is one of the most active Fintech communities in the region and who represents the country’s technology and financial innovation industry. ABL Capital makes its commitment through working capital loans and factoring, focusing mainly on SMEs with sales exceeding 500 million pesos and minimum 5 years of seniority.…

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Complete Guide on Venture Capital in Latin America (main actors by country and reports on the state)

In this article, we will show the current landscape of the venture capital industry in LATAM with the main actors of the countries where the entrepreneurship hubs of the region are located. We hope you find it useful 😉 According to the latest report on the state of the Venture…

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The trends of e-commerce in Latin America in the eyes of MercadoLibre (biggest e-commerce in LatAm)

The platform that in 2018 led to the sale of 270.1 million articles and US $ 11,700 million in transactions shares its vision regarding the moment of e-commerce in our region. E-commerce has a great opportunity for growth in Latin America, which has the example of what happens in China…

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A look at the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Latin America

Although there is no global consensus on the regulation of cryptocurrencies, the increase in their use among a growing public is forcing governments around the world to turn their attention to the issue. This interest in the movements of the cryptocurrencies ecosystem adds up to an increasing number of regulatory…

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