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Meet the startup that brings together the largest network of gyms

Colombia occupies the fourth position in the gymnastics industry that is gaining strength every day in large cities such as Bogotá, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla and the coffee region.

This innovative service makes the fitness market more dynamic, being a support for the centers, not only by increasing its operating income, but by supporting them in marketing and dissemination issues, generating an offer of additional value in the negotiation.

The operations about to run

Among the areas that will now have coverage in the Fitpal application service is the Coastal zone of the country, which will have operation in Cartagena, Santa Marta and Barranquilla with 40 allies among which are important training centers that have more than 16 years in the market

Through the payment of a weekly, monthly or semi-annual subscription, users of this app can attend any of the gyms linked to their network, without discrimination.

About this startup

“I love the app! I had always wanted to get in shape but I am bored of always going to the same place, now I have a plan every day. I can go one day to boxing, another day to yoga, another to spinning,” said a user of the platform.

Currently, this Colombian startup, which has grouped 568 gyms in its country under its platform, is signing agreements with large companies in the city. In the coming months, this app will double its network of gyms in the coastal region, bringing its customers a wider offer that suits the needs, times and tastes of the user. In addition, it expects to have close to 2,000 employees in this area at the end of the year.

Revolution is coming

The application is revolutionizing the traditional experience of paying to go to a gym by diversifying the options that users have when training, it is no longer necessary to settle for a single place or with a particular type of training, now training in The startup makes it possible for people who believed that physical exercise was not for them, to discover and fall in love with activities they did not know.

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