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Germany bans short selling of highly acclaimed Fintech Wirecard stock

Once the German online payment service provider was more valuable on the stock market than the Deutsche Bank. The supervisory authorities are now considering Wirecard. Which also operates in Switzerland, as the trigger for a conflagration and are stepping in. This has never happened before. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority…

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Learn from Avaloq, the fintech company that has accelerated growth

The fintech company Avaloq has presented strong results for 2018. The key growth driver was the continued demand for the company’s SaaS, BPaaS and license solutions from new and existing customers, which accelerated growth in markets such as EMEA. For the full year, the company generated sales of CHF 579…

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Can traditional companies evolve?: How to innovate according to the Deutsche Bank

The classic German banks are generally not known for innovative ideas. Nevertheless, Deutsche Bank is trying on a new app away from the core business. Yunar is a clone of the bonus card Wallet Stocard, but at least well done – says our car Tobias Baumgarten, who has tested the…

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The future of German banks: Fintech growing and Deutsche Bank struggling

The new cash injection for N26 is a fan of the German fintech scene. A comparison with Deutsche Bank reveals a lot about our risky bets on the future The future of German banks in 2019 is somewhere between 2.3 billion and 15 billion euros. The first number since Thursday…

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“IATA pay”: new method of payment for airline tickets

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) concluded the first purchase transaction of airline tickets through a new payment system: “IATA Pay”. The transaction was carried out in partnership with ipagoo, a fintech company based in the United Kingdom. IATA noted that this new payment method is an industry-backed initiative to…

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