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‘Almost Lost My Business’: Bitcoin Entrepreneurs Detail Banking Struggles

For the average entrepreneur, verifying that your financial institution hasn’t closed your startup’s bank accounts probably isn’t part of your daily routine. However, if you’re an entrepreneur that runs a bitcoin startup, checking up constantly on one’s banking relationships is just part of the job. That became apparent this week…

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4 documentaries about startups and digital economy

The rapid rise of startups and digital-focused businesses not only changes our way of communicating, but has far-reaching implications for the world’s realities. These documentaries show how these can look like, using a few examples. Digital Future – Support for Young Entrepreneurs The report takes a close look at the…

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10 things to help founders that looks for work-life balance

Maintaining the balance between personal and professional life promotes a better quality of life for employees, and consequently, a better performance in their work. Currently, the most valued benefits are not the economic benefits, but those that offer a balanced lifestyle between the personal and professional. Next, I present the…

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