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Tag: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs: Do you know your needs?

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2018/2019 (GEM), Mexico has the second best environment to undertake in Latin America, after Argentina, although it still has many challenges to overcome, particularly in terms of tax burdens and regulation. What do number say? Globally, in the Context Index of National Entrepreneurship (NECI,…

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Legislation that supports entrepreneurship: Is it really necessary?

The Development Center of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in its study “Startup Latin America” details that the countries of the region still invest little in science, technology and innovation. The investment in research and development (R & D) of each country on average with relation to…

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Are European entrepreneurs falling behind? Why is Asia a big competitor

The Zurich EY banking specialist Urs Palmieri wants to spread the tech expertise from Asia to Switzerland. Because in this country he misses a certain innovative strength and the courage to take calculated risks. Mr. Palmieri, after seven years in Singapore, you have been back in Switzerland since the beginning…

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Generation-D: an initiative for the German startups that will change the future

Generation-D is an ideas and startup competition in Social Entrepreneurship that promotes innovative and creative ventures (by students or young professionals) with environmental or social added value once a year. Each team must have at least two students or young professionals actively involved in shaping the idea and its implementation.…

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Xpreneurs is looking for startups for fifth batch

Xpreneurs is looking for startups for fifth batch Entrepreneurship incubator Xpreneurs is looking for startups for its fifth batch. Applications are possible until 10th of February. Xpreneurs offers a full-time three-month incubator program aimed at high-tech, early-stage startups ready to launch. The fifth batch will start on March 18th and…

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From selfishness of startups to conscious entrepreneurship

When the world talks about the impact of technological ventures, in Israel (which is usually recognized as a startup nation) there is already talk of revolutionizing the business world based on the notion of conscious entrepreneurship. A few days ago I had an immersive experience in this pioneering place, where…

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