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Piura is host to the I International Summit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

ERP The inauguration of the event took place in the proscenium of the University of Piura.This Monday, November 18, within the framework of the month of Entrepreneurship and the 50 years of the University of Piura, the business incubator of the University of Piura, Hub UDEP, began the I International Summit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (# CIE2019).

The welcome words were given by important figures such as Mosi Mosquera, Rosmary Cornejo and Susana Vega. All of them highlighted the importance of these decentralized events: “We believe that innovation is a powerful tool that can transform our region by providing opportunities for people in vulnerable situations,” said Mosi Mosquera, Senior IDB Lab specialist.

Piura is host to the I International Summit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Similarly, Rosmary Cornejo, executive coordinator of Innóvate Peru, said in favor of projects outside the capital: “We believe that the success of Peru’s economy is not in Lima, but rather in the regions. We have big projects for Piura, we can do it all together. ”

Susana Vega, academic vice chancellor of the University of Piura, was in charge of inaugurating the CIE 2019. “We must be generators of progress, professionals with integrity and that put their work at the service of others”. He stressed that, to achieve sustainable development, entrepreneurship and innovation are fundamental pieces.

Panel: “The challenges of innovation in Latin America and Peru”

Within this debate, the panelists emphasized two pending tasks for Latin America; In the first place, the budget, since they are still very small, which represents a great disadvantage of the work of innovation and as a second theme is the culture of innovation, an issue that in Latin America has recently been included in some universities and for certain careers.

Piura is host to the I International Summit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

With regard to the challenges for Peru, the creation of the Innovation Agency of the Peruvian State, where the work being done 12 years ago can be institutionalized, was indicated as a goal within the Competitiveness and Productivity Plan. It will allow to establish priorities and when a good development is obtained, it is aspired to have reimbursable funds, for this they are working hand in hand with Cofide.

“We all have to make our contribution to be able to contribute to a greater social balance, democratize access to opportunities and there is no better tool than technology and entrepreneurship to do so”, concluded Alfredo Sfeir.

Startup Pitch: Green Apple and Agros

Carlos Andrade CEO and co-founder of Manzana Verde shared the startup model, explaining its growth to the present. He said that the success of a venture is due to not stop building solutions every day and surround yourself with a good team. In addition, he added as an advice to the entrepreneurs present at the inauguration, the option of going through an incubator his project to achieve a considerable reduction of expenses and risks.

Hugo Piñareta, CCO and co-founder of Agros, contacted via videoconference from Boston and presented Agros, a startup that was born in Piura, but is impacting the world. It is a platform where farmers and specialists connect to provide agronomic advice at low cost, providing training and growth opportunities for the agricultural sector. Thanks to the collaborative economy model of the Agro Líder program, digital jobs are created in rural areas and it is expected to reach 100,000 farmers by 2021.

Panel: “Why is innovation and entrepreneurship important within universities?”

The panelists defended in their interventions the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship within universities: “Innovation and entrepreneurship are the vehicles to create more fair, equitable, inclusive and more socially mobile societies.” Said Felipe Bahamondes, General Manager from Dictuc.

“The university is the institution that energizes knowledge. The bridge between knowledge and impact is the entrepreneur”, said José Aguirre, director of Parks STM, TEC de Monterrey.

“A successful system is based on collaboration, not only from people but also from institutions”, said Carlos Rodrich, director of the Udep Hub, who was in charge of the closing words of the event.

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