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European startups that are committed to settling in the region

The commitment to Latin America that travels to European startups has as a common denominator that the region offers an immature ecosystem in many aspects, but that is why it is visualized that “everything is to be done”. “Market in constant growth”. “Opportunities.” “Perspectives to grow”. “Ecosystems in development”. The…

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A startup story to get inspired: “In 2019 we want to become Europe’s market leader with eversign”

The two brothers Julian and Paul Zehetmayr founded the software company apilayer in 2015, which also includes eversign – a leading platform for the digital signing of documents. In March, they announced the acquisition of the US platform “Docracy”, which offers templates for contracts. We spoke with the two Viennese…

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Fast growing European Fintech companies you should know about

ID Finance, the Fintech company specialized in emerging markets based in Barcelona. It has been ranked 84th in the FT 1000 list of the fastest growing European companies and is the second fastest growing Fintech in Europe The Financial Times analyzed the company’s growth over 3 years, from 2014 to…

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Spain may lose the position of being one of the Fintech pioneers in Europe

The financial sector and the financial and insurance companies with a technological base, believe that if the creation of the sandbox is not approved, Spain will lose the opportunity to become a reference center for testing the most innovative products. This has been assured to Efe the president of the…

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