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Finonch startup LimonX launches private sale of its token to accelerate the deployment of its service in Europe

Founded in January 2018 by Blockchain enthusiasts, LimonX began as a platform where users could exchange their cryptocurrencies for Amazon gift cards. A year later it has expanded its partnerships with hundreds of brands such as Amazon, Apple or Steam and includes new features such as prepaid cards. Initially LimonX…

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One million investment in Czech e-sport: Petr Andrýsek wants to make the Czech team the European leader

Petr Andrýsek is a Czech entrepreneur who has been involved in e-sport for some time. For the first time he began to break into it when he joined the Madmonq project. That was three years ago, and Andrýsek wanted to help with marketing, promotion and expansion into the United States,…

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Argentina’s fintech startups make their way to Europe

Juan José Piano, deputy general manager of Banco Piano, started the exhibition minimizing the supposed tension between traditional and digital banking. “Many times there is talk of confrontation and a very large competition or rivalry is seen, but with the fund where we participate with other banks we execute the…

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Amazon is quietly conquering its own website with a white label strategy similar to Mercadona’s

If something Amazon has taught us is that it is able to reinvent itself according to the times. Its white Solimo brand is proof of this, especially when imitating Nespresso coffee capsules. Curious, at least the similarities with the white Mercadona brand, Hacendado. The company that started with Jeff Bezos…

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European startups that are committed to settling in the region

The commitment to Latin America that travels to European startups has as a common denominator that the region offers an immature ecosystem in many aspects, but that is why it is visualized that “everything is to be done”. “Market in constant growth”. “Opportunities.” “Perspectives to grow”. “Ecosystems in development”. The…

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A startup story to get inspired: “In 2019 we want to become Europe’s market leader with eversign”

The two brothers Julian and Paul Zehetmayr founded the software company apilayer in 2015, which also includes eversign – a leading platform for the digital signing of documents. In March, they announced the acquisition of the US platform “Docracy”, which offers templates for contracts. We spoke with the two Viennese…

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