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Tag: Financial Blockchain

Germany is working on a National Blockchain Strategy

The German Cabinet announced that the strategy for the country’s block chain industry will be presented by mid 2019. Through a document, the institution commented on the development of the fintech of the country. After a request for information from parliamentarians in the Bundestag. The Cabinet declared that it will…

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A program based on Blockchain & Fintech to teach professionals

In India, one of the best business schools, known as the Indian Institute of Management of Calcutta. Considered one of the most outstanding business schools, is preparing to offer an educational program related to cryptocurrencies. Which will be provided as of May of this year. This program is based on…

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The Reserve Bank of India’s regulatory sandbox accepts blockchain, excludes crypto

The Reserve Bank of India announced the terms of its regulatory sandbox environment in its report on April 18. According to the terms of the sandbox, several applications of the blockchain technology can be tested. While the projects related to the cryptocurrency are clearly excluded. Regulators around the world use…

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