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Tag: future

Brutkasten: innovating the job-finding platforms

With the new job platform, brutkasten helps to find jobs in startups and innovative companies. There is also a counseling service for employers. With its job platform for startups, smart brands and the innovative economy, brutka’s innovation and business medium strengthens its comprehensive multichannel strategy, thus providing its community with…

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Blockchain systems optimize healthcare firms data management

New York-based technology giant IBM is reportedly working with leading US health care providers to improve the way confidential patient information is managed. The patient data will be maintained in a database management system based on blockchain. By participating in the initiative to better manage medical claims processes, while also…

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Google: There is no algorithm capable of knowing if an information is false

“It’s hard to say, but I do not think you can create algorithms that identify which information is false and which is not” explains Pandu Nayak, vice president of the Google department responsible for the search tool, the most widely used in the world There are very obvious examples, but…

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The future of banking: adapt or die

Technological advances, especially mobility and hyperconnectivity, but also ‘big data’, artificial intelligence, the ‘cloud’ and ‘blockchain’, have caused a change in consumer behavior and business models. The union of these three forces has led to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is already remodeling the economy and society, and will continue…

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