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Germany bans short selling of highly acclaimed Fintech Wirecard stock

Once the German online payment service provider was more valuable on the stock market than the Deutsche Bank. The supervisory authorities are now considering Wirecard. Which also operates in Switzerland, as the trigger for a conflagration and are stepping in. This has never happened before. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority…

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Sipgate: A startup offering VoIP telephone services for your home and office

15 years is the founding of sipgate. Can one call the provider of Internet telephony with more than 150 employees even as a startup? But just like the credit marketplace auxmoney, sipgate has maintained it’s startup mentality to this day. With which business model have the Dusseldorf managed that? Key…

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Germany is working on a National Blockchain Strategy

The German Cabinet announced that the strategy for the country’s block chain industry will be presented by mid 2019. Through a document, the institution commented on the development of the fintech of the country. After a request for information from parliamentarians in the Bundestag. The Cabinet declared that it will…

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Deutsche Börse steps into the digital asset world with full ecosystem plans

The trad ability of digital assets in traditional marketplaces has been difficult. With some exceptions, digital assets such as cryptocurrencies can only trade via exchanges. But the trend is increasingly towards integration into traditional markets. Finally, one realizes that measured by the return on investment. Bitcoin investments are one of…

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Gridscale: The German startup building the future of cloud computing

The IT provider is steadily increasing despite great competition. The entry of two investors should help with the expansion a first goal could be Scandinavia. The competition in the cloud market is intense. Many IT companies rent storage space and computing power in their huge data centers. The Cologne based…

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A German Fintech startup becomes the first German mobile only & commission free broker

Who wanted to save in Germany, the fees incurred in trading securities, previously had to invest his money with foreign providers. Because even though this is advertised here, in reality, often only account for the custody costs. Paid for the actual stock trading anyway. But when it comes to three…

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