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Amazon Chile prevented from the name Alexa for virtual assistant

Amazon Chile Amazon has lost in its attempt to register its virtual assistant “Alexa” in Chile. The company admitted the defeat after numerous judicial obstacles. Both the Supreme Court of Chile and the Industrial Property Court (INAPI) prevented Amazon from formally registering its product due to name complications. According to…

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Fast food startups following the nutritional trend this 2019

In times of health-conscious dietary trends like low carb, casual vegan or clean eating, fries, pizza, and burgers are high on the ban list. Because white flour, sugar, salt, and saturated fatty acids are those components that burden the organism, slow down the metabolism and trigger food cravings. This is…

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In addition to N26 – you should also know these German fintechs

In subways and on billboards N26 advertises just offensively for its direct bank offer. Apparently, the banking startup from Berlin has grown so fast that its own marketing department with the comma did not come after. In the ads, it promises “no hidden fees” and “#nobullshit”. Now N26 has collected…

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This platform will strengthen startups in Germany

A new platform will make it easier for startups in Germany nationwide to establish contact with customers and investors and to find cooperation partners. The platform “Startbase” as a central platform will fundamentally change the ecosystem for startups, announced the German Association of German Startups on Wednesday. The platform is…

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The future of German banks: Fintech growing and Deutsche Bank struggling

The new cash injection for N26 is a fan of the German fintech scene. A comparison with Deutsche Bank reveals a lot about our risky bets on the future The future of German banks in 2019 is somewhere between 2.3 billion and 15 billion euros. The first number since Thursday…

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German startups hit a VC funding record in 2018: Collect 4.6 billion euros

Founders and start-ups were able to score more heavily in financial terms in 2018. Overall, start-ups in Germany were able to collect the record amount of almost 4.6 billion euros last year, 7 percent more than in the previous year. The number of investments reached a new high and grew…

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