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Reasons behind the bankruptcy of a successful startup

Nine years after its launch, the once-successful project of the startup scene has gone bankrupt. The operation of the Germany wide nine branches should continue. When the first Kochhaus store opened in Schöneberg in 2010, the walk-in recipe book caused a sensation, as the founders described their concept. There was…

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LOGCOOP: logistics network for eSellerspartner

The cooperation Logcoop bundles fulfillment services for e-commerce and an IT solution under the eSellerspartner brand. According to the cooperation, the members of the logistics network Logcoop offer logistics solutions for e-commerce at 20 locations. Through a specially programmed interface, eSellerspartner now links all ERP and shop systems to the…

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European startups: The views of different founders about this matter

Are the Germans too tired? “The advantage we have is also a disadvantage,” says Cem Özdemir of Alliance 90 / The Greens.  “We are doing very well economically. This makes you feel full. “But that’s probably not the only reason why Germany lags behind in digital business models behind the…

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A startup wants to involve wealthy private investors in construction projects

The Berlin startup wants to involve wealthy private investors in construction projects. The start went well, now the equity capital is again increased significantly. 20 million euros for a residential quarter in Berlin Wilmersdorf. Just under 8 million euros for a commercial project on Alexanderplatz. More than three million for…

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In addition to N26, you should also know these German fintechs

In subways and on billboards N26 advertises just offensively for its direct bank offer. Apparently, the banking startup from Berlin has grown so fast that its own marketing department with the comma did not come after. In his ads, it promises “no hidden fees” and “#nobullshit”. Now N26 has collected…

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All about the fintech and startups development in Germany

The Federal Government’s response to a “small inquiry” on fintech in Germany shows that already in 2019 42 new companies were founded in this area. This indicates a significant decline compared to previous years. In the year 2017 96 fintechs were founded, in 2015 there were still 160 companies. In…

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