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The cryptocurrency of JP Morgan is not a public but a private blockchain

One of the great news from Fintech was that JP Morgan Chase was issuing its own currency named JPM Coin. The fact that a bank of the old, traditional and conservative school was adopting the blockchain technology and was becoming a crypto drew much attention from traditional finance and disruptive…

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JPMorgan launches the first cryptocurrency for a major U.S. bank

The American entity thus becomes the first bank to make a strong bet on digital currencies. It will have a restricted use to transactions between large investors, excluding individuals. The US bank JPMorgan Chase announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency, JPM Coin. Which will be indexed on the dollar…

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Citi withdraws its plan for a cryptocurrency: The similarities with JPM

In light of what JPMorgan recently created with its cryptocurrency plan backed by a bank, it is worth remembering that another large institution tested a token to connect global payments for the first time in 2015. About Citicoin Named “Citicoin”, the bank never formally announced the project outside Citigroup’s innovation…

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Ripple (XRP) can now be issued to 40 million outlets in 180 countries

The company Spend offers an app for payment services. Some time ago, the company has also integrated payment options for Litecoin and Dash. Now Spend has announced via Twitter that they have also recorded Ripple XRP. With the help of the Spend app, customers can now pay with Ripple XRP…

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