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This is the Spanish Fintech: The loans and payments are the queens

The ‘fintech’ ecosystem gains strength. In the last year, the number of this type of companies in Spain has increased by 15%, from 292 to 337 startups that develop technological solutions related to the financial sector. These data, collected in the X-Tech-Report-Spain-2019 Report prepared by the consulting firm Finnovating, reveal…

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All about traditional bank loans, changes and the future of crypto lending

The current prices in the crypto market may not be a sign of huge changes, but behind the scenes, this industry is going through a new, evolutionary period. Particularly interesting is the sector of crypto lending, an industry that is still unknown to many HOD teachers. Co-founder and CEO of…

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This Fintech steals bank customers by treating them better

In recent times, more and more companies decide to bet on improving their relationship with the customer and decide to provide personalized treatment. But, what happens when the person receiving the personalized treatment is the company? The firm MONI, an innovative digital financial services company, was one of the fastest…

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Fintech: what is and how does the new financial industry work?

Have you imagined a world without physical bank branches, in which all the services could be solved at any time of the day through your smartphone? This reality is getting closer every day thanks to the new online financial products of traditional banking … but also because of the development…

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