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This Fintech steals bank customers by treating them better

In recent times, more and more companies decide to bet on improving their relationship with the customer and decide to provide personalized treatment. But, what happens when the person receiving the personalized treatment is the company?

The firm MONI, an innovative digital financial services company, was one of the fastest growing fintech companies in the market thanks to the common citizen’s use of technology to solve their daily financial needs.

The company, which started operations in 2013, was the first company to offer immediate loans in a 100% digital process to sectors that are not subject to credit in traditional banking.

Functionality increases the possibility to compete with banks

Beyond the democratization of access to credit and financial services to sub-banked or underserved individuals in the traditional banking industry in different countries, the company managed to innovate in the dialogue with its clients.

For this reason, currently, users send chat messages saying “Moni, can I ask you for a loan?” Or “Moni, this month I will pay you later”, instead of writing emails requesting information and services.

The renewed link between company and client, and part of its success is due to the importance that the company gave to the customer experience in its business strategy.

The key partner

Since 2016, the company has relied on Zendesk, a customer experience software developer, to strengthen its customer service team.

Specifically, MONI uses the ZendeskSupport platform, which concentrates customer queries from different channels in one place. The system, on the other hand, allowed it to make communication between company and clients more efficient, relevant and personal.

In addition, to follow, prioritize and solve requirements in a simple way. With it, today they support an average of 30,000 queries per month.

Another objective of MONI was to transfer the same immediacy of its loans to its customer service and adopt a more interactive and informal style of conversation, compatible with the personality of its brand.

Through the Zendesk Chat platform, the company was able to make it possible in a fast and efficient way to connect and support its customers in real time, even to increase customer satisfaction to more than 80%.

What do they say from the signatures?

“As a key element of our clients’ experience, the type and quality of attention we give to those who contact MONI are part of the differential we have as a company. We always seek to generate value in each contact, answering inquiries in a timely manner, providing the information needed by our potential customers, but also transmitting trust and generating the link to understand who the client is and what is needed at that time. of MONI, “commented Ivana Pavon, Customer Service Manager of MONI.

The company had the need to have a tool in which they could manage customer service channels in a simple and adaptable way to their needs.

With these two tools, the firm managed to build such a close and personal relationship with its users to the point that many of the clients interact with MONI as if it were a person.

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