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World Savings Berlin Fintech expands worldwide trusted by the British market

A year ago, Fintech Weltsparen, known outside of Germany as Raisin, announced the entry of PayPal. Now the Berlin startup announces that it has received another 100 million euros of capital from investors. The money comes next to the existing investors, such as Rabbit Capital, also from Paypal. This capital…

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In addition to N26 – you should also know these German fintechs

In subways and on billboards N26 advertises just offensively for its direct bank offer. Apparently, the banking startup from Berlin has grown so fast that its own marketing department with the comma did not come after. In the ads, it promises “no hidden fees” and “#nobullshit”. Now N26 has collected…

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This European Fintech saves merchants millions of dollars

Adyen NV is a fintech that saves millions of dollars to merchants by streamlining card payment transactions. The financial technology firm, which is located thousands of kilometers from Silicon Valley, is making its founders gain much more. The chief executive, Pieter van der Does, the technology director, Arnout Schuijff, and…

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The reason why Nasdaq Ventures recieved US $ 20 million financing

Symbiont Inc., a leading platform in the development of blockchain applications at the institutional level, has completed a Series B financing of US $ 20 million led by the well-known financial firm Nasdaq Ventures, followed by other new investors such as Galaxy Digital, Citi and Raptor Group. This was announced…

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Why Google spent 40 million dollars on a mysterious technology

Yesterday, Google announced that it would invest 40 million dollars in the purchase of a part of Fossil’s research and development division that was responsible for working on the smartwatch, and which was developing a mysterious and interesting technology, the which we do not know the details to this day.…

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German startups hit a VC funding record in 2018: Collect 4.6 billion euros

Founders and start-ups were able to score more heavily in financial terms in 2018. Overall, start-ups in Germany were able to collect the record amount of almost 4.6 billion euros last year, 7 percent more than in the previous year. The number of investments reached a new high and grew…

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