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A financial technological innovations international congress just launched

Authorities of the Inter-American Development Bank, private entities and the Economic Cabinet today launched the Technological Innovation Congress for Financial Services (Fintech). The event is organized by the IDB, has the sponsorship of the Central Bank of Honduras, Banco Atlántida, the Honduran Association of Banking Institutions (Ahiba), the National Commission…

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China wants to take part in the technological bloom in Latin America

In 2014, when Alex Tabor made his first trip to Beijing, the Brazilian executive was concerned about communication. Tabor does not speak Mandarin, but he hoped (with the help of a translator) to be able to convey something: the enormous opportunity for Chinese companies looking to invest in Latin American…

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How do Fintech Startups work and why are they great?

Barbara Fischer is a partner at Arena Ventures AG in Zurich and supports startups throughout Europe in financing. In their monthly Masterclass “Fundraising Fundamentals” in Zurich, startups learn how to structure and efficiently prepare and finalize their financing round. Here are her top 3 tips for founders: Skin in the…

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Banks realize that Fintechs are taking over and want to work together

The path of a financial startup to profitability is long and difficult: the development of new applications is time-consuming. In addition, there are expensive marketing measures to reach a critical mass of users. Collaborating with established banks on an open platform can help. The fintech scene is facing a new…

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8 cryptographic debit cards that you can use around the world right now

Cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming a viable payment option in various markets and jurisdictions. If there is a tool that significantly expands the usability of digital currencies in a world still dominated by traditional payment systems, it is the cryptographic debit card. A growing number of reliable platforms offer the fintech…

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Cryptocurrencies are unsuitable for funding says the Central Bank of England

Huw van Steenis, Senior Advisor to the Governor of the Central Bank of England (BOE), believes that cryptocurrencies do not meet the basic requirements of a financial resource. He made similar remarks on January 21 in an interview with Bloomberg. Van Steenis joined the English Central Bank in 2018 after…

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