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N26 is targeted by the financial regulator

FrankfurtThe smartphone bank N26 is regarded as the star of the German start-up scene. Customer growth: breathtaking. The circle of investors: illuster. The financing rounds: lush. In January, well-known financiers such as the Allianz and the sovereign wealth fund GIC from Singapore invested 260 million euros in the company. The…

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How much fintechs have accomplished during the first three months of 2019?

The Fintech sector is in a phase of global expansion, and that is currently one of the most changing markets and that means faster growth. If there is something to be highlighted about these first three months, it is the large amount of money that is being moved to finance…

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2019 – the year of FinTechs? We introduce three of the most successful

First N26, then World Savings: two German FinTechs have recently been pleased with mega-financing rounds. For the German FinTech scene, the situation does not look so rosy. According to a study by KPMG, the overall investment in the scene is declining. This is also due to the fact that the…

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N26 Austria: “The traditional banks are our customer pool”

About six years ago, the two Austrians Valentin Stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal moved to Germany to give reasons. The original idea of offering a credit card for teens has now become a full-fledged bank with nearly three million customers across Europe. About a year ago Georg Hauer took over the…

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Know all about FinTechs: A new revolution in the financial market

Fintechs are companies that combine the provision of financial services with processes based entirely on technology. They arise from the union between the financial and technological area. You can say that, financial + technology = fintech and thats how they began. And are promoting a true revolution in the financial…

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