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The top ten fintech of 2019 have been decided

ECOFIN Forum every year selects the ten FinTech companies to follow. It is a showcase created a couple of years ago; but that now has the advice of a dozen experts grouped in the FinTech Circle who is the one who proposes to Foro ECOFIN its annual list to follow in the complicated, emerging and changing world of financial services based on technology.

There are ten companies to follow in the medium term, such as innovative companies, tractors and that create a trend in the financial sector based on technology. This selective is known as ‘TopTen FinTech’.


FinTech of fast loan to individuals that grants up to 5,000 euros with a return to 36 months. The only requirements are to be of legal age, have recurring income and not be in ASNEF. After being accepted by email, SMS or phone, the money is sent 15 minutes. The client will only pay the interest of the requested amount during the time he has it and will inform him every month of the money he has withdrawn, of the available credit and of the minimum monthly payment to be returned. When operating with the flexibility of a line of credit, the monthly installments will depend on the amount the customer has had arranged each month. Monthly interest starts at 1.87%. Creditea belongs to the International Personal Finance PLC group, a company with almost 2.2 million customers in 11 countries and listed on the London Stock Exchange.


Collective investment platform working in the United Kingdom and Spain. Finances Spanish companies or European community level. The minimum amount to lend is 150,000 euros. If a company does not achieve the funding objectives it can request an extension to Crowdcube to stay on the platform for a few more days. It allows a maximum of two investments per project and the client can reduce it or cancel it after seven days. The companies that are financed do it on average in 22 days. Crowdcube aims to boost the growth of European startups and facilitate their access to private investors.


Wealth management specialized in passive investment that offers a digital alternative to traditional financial institutions, and allows any investor to access the advantages of better passive management. The firm offers different globally diversified investment solutions through indexed products, with significantly lower costs than the market average, managed systematically and automated by means of algorithms, and with periodic rebalancing of the portfolios. Finizens has become an international benchmark in investment management, in addition to having the broadest European offer in its category. The commissions offered by the firm are up to 85% less than those offered by a bank. The maximum total commission is 0.82% per annum and the minimum is 0.55%.


Fintonic is a personal finance optimizer, whose main objective is to save and organize the user’s money. The application has more than 760,000 added bank accounts and more than 400,000 customers in Spain. It also has FinScore, the first credit profile index that provides users with information about their debt capacity and the conditions they choose when they want to contract a financial product. In 2015 he received the Google Award for Mobile Innovation. Its consolidation as one of the most important FinTechs came in 2017 with the closing of a round of financing of 25 million euros backed by the insurance group.


The crowlending for companies puts in contact Spanish SMEs seeking a loan with investors seeking to obtain profitability for their savings. In a single loan is financed by a multitude of investors and a single investor can lend to a multitude of companies from only € 50, thus diversifying their portfolio. The company is authorized by the CNMV and has been operating for more than four years offering Spanish SMEs a complementary product to the bank for their financing needs and a profitable product for investors. The loans are for up to 24 months, mostly with monthly amortizations of principal and interest, although there are also short-term loans with repayment on maturity, the average is ten months. They have already financed more than 380 loans around the country.


A formula to invest in bricks without great risks. It focuses on the purchase of properties for exploitation via rental and subsequent sale; or for rehabilitation or construction of real estate, or for sale or credit developer for new construction. The promoter is required demonstrable experience in the sector. The minimum amount to invest per opportunity is 50 euros. The maximum amount has no limit for the accredited and those who are not, can not invest more than 3,000 euros per project. The cost for promoters and investors is up to 10% if the financing of the project is closed. Housers wants to expand in Latin America and Asia, after Europe.


Challenger Bank that operates in 24 markets throughout Europe. The firm has tripled its customer base in the last twelve months to exceed 2.3 million users. It offers a free bank account with a MasterCard debit card included to withdraw from any ATM free of charge up to five times a month. N26 has a system of subaccounts to help personal savings. The company’s premium accounts (N26 Black and N26 Metal) offer travel and purchase insurance, as well as withdrawals in any currency and anywhere in the world at no cost. N26 Metal also includes exclusive advantages and a premium customer service.


October is the new name of Lendix. The platform is currently the European leader in business loans. Its community of 15,000 investors has already lent 250 million euros to 500 Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch companies. The firm has the option of leasing and renting as financial products, which means a greater capacity of choice for SMEs at the time of requesting financing. October’s mission is to promote the growth of companies by simplifying and democratizing their financing. In addition, it has been named for the third consecutive year one of the 50 Leading Established Fintech in the FinTech 100 world ranking of KPMG and H2 Ventures.


Deudae is a Spanish FinTech pioneer in offering solutions based on invoice financing technology, both for the collection of clients and for payment to suppliers. Through Tesoriza, its online liquidity market for invoices, offers the best financing solution to each commercial debt through the efficient use of information. The platform facilitates the management of accounts receivable and accounts payable in a flexible manner, adapting to the needs of each company at any given time. Tesoriza thus allows: guarantee and anticipate the collection of customer invoices, offer payment lines to suppliers, monetize circulating without additional risk and control the KPIs of current in the balance.


Financing in online and physical point of sale. Zank makes a digital financing solution available to physical stores and ecommerce that allows the purchase of products or services up to 70,000 euros in a process without documentation and with immediate response. Zank has a license from the CNMV that allows it to act as a ‘participatory financing platform’, allowing individuals to enter as investors the financing published on the platform. The profitability of the issued financing ranges between 6% and 16% TIN. Currently, Zank has more than 6,000 registered private investors and 51,063 investment applicants.

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