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Entrepreneurs: 5 solutions to control your office in the distance

Whether you are traveling or visiting does not imply that you cannot control everything that happens within your business. The rise of Internet of Things (IoT) has made it very easy and accessible to have your own office connected. You no longer need to perform a complex and expensive installation.…

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Google withdraws Hong Kong protester role play from Play Store · Global Voices

The Chinese version of the report was published in The Stand News on October 10, 2019. The English version was published in Global Voices as part of a content association agreement. A mobile application role-playing game with an argument based on recent protests in Hong Kong was suspended from Google…

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Exploding Rents: What Startups Should Look for in Office Search

One of the biggest advantages for Berlin as a European startup hotspot was the cheap rents. But that was once. In the central districts, the rents for offices are usually over 31 euros per square meter, as an evaluation of the real estate consultant Colliers shows. Many founders initially go…

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Legal Tech start-up from Berlin secures its first seed financing saving time on bureaucracy

VISARIGHT is an innovative startup from Berlin with a clear mission: to provide managers, skilled workers, and apprentices with a visa for Germany quickly, easily and inexpensively. VISARIGHT uses the latest technologies in the field of Legal Tech and works together with specialized lawyers for migration law. Even before the…

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Complete Guide on Venture Capital in Latin America (main actors by country and reports on the state)

In this article, we will show the current landscape of the venture capital industry in LATAM with the main actors of the countries where the entrepreneurship hubs of the region are located. We hope you find it useful 😉 According to the latest report on the state of the Venture…

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What is the best (and cheapest) way to store my collection of photos online?

The time has come: change the ‘smartphone’. The memory of the old man is full of images from so many years of parties and trips. You have to keep them forever. Taking them to an external hard drive or computer takes time: you must have the device, connect it, wait…

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