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Legal Tech start-up from Berlin secures its first seed financing saving time on bureaucracy

VISARIGHT is an innovative startup from Berlin with a clear mission: to provide managers, skilled workers, and apprentices with a visa for Germany quickly, easily and inexpensively. VISARIGHT uses the latest technologies in the field of Legal Tech and works together with specialized lawyers for migration law.

Even before the official start on 1 January 2019, the start-up was able to collect a smaller six-figure amount from a renowned business angel and inspire well-known legal tech experts from the scene for the project.

Attorney Dr. Jochen Brandhoff, organizer of the LEGAL ®EVOLUTION Expo & Congress and founder of the Frankfurt commercial law firm Brandhoff Obermüller Partner, is convinced of the concept: “Getting a visa easier and faster – that is important for companies to achieve

He is not only involved in VISARIGHT, but also advises the company.

A big market with few solution providers

The market potential for the start-up is huge: 14.8 million visas were processed in Europe last year, of which 2.4 million alone were at visa points for the German diplomatic missions, and the trend is upwards. The labor market in Germany is also facing a change as around 1.2 million jobs are already vacant nationwide (European Commission, 2018). VISARIGHT provides a remedy here and offers everything from one source for a successful immigration process of foreign skilled workers.

Also, Philipp v. Bülow, Serial Entrepreneur in the area of Legal Tech, is on board as a shareholder and consultant at VISARIGHT. He is certain: “Not only has the team been well acquainted with its internal visa mechanisms for years, but it also uses innovative technologies to rapidly accelerate the visa application process – a brilliant combination.”

Accelerating a bureaucratic procedure

The Berlin-based start-up offers users competent solutions from experienced German lawyers whose expertise was previously inaccessible to foreign applicants. As a first step, VISARIGHT focuses on the immigration process for foreign skilled workers of international companies. In the next step, private individuals will increasingly be able to have their visa matters cleared up at VISARIGHT.

VISARIGHT was founded in 2018 by Andreas Kopysov, who spent many years at various foreign offices during his career at the Foreign Office. Under, the Berlin start-up offers an online platform to simplify and, above all, accelerate the application process and the obtaining of a visa for Germany. All with the assistance of specialist lawyers and experts, the VISARIGHT team is constantly working to further develop the platform.

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