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Email Marketing Software for Insurtech Startups

Insurtech has changed nearly every part of the insurance business, arising the development of simpler products and consumer-friendly services.  It has been most perceptible in the personal insurance world, where customer-facing phone apps, auto monitoring devices, and wearable activity tracking tools have allowed consumers to find new benefits from their…

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Email Marketing Tools for Proptech Startups

Innovation is giving markets and sectors new devices to improve their services by removing inefficiencies, cutting costs, and offering different solutions. Proptech is one of these new devices that are transforming the real estate industry.  How does it work? PropTech means using modern technologies in the real estate industry. This…

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Spain’s Xtech sector is ranked as the fastest in the world

The number of companies in the main Xtech sectors fintech, proptech, insurtech, regtech, legaltech, wealthtech grew by 67% in Spain last year. Ranking among the fastest growing in the world. The number of Xtech companies that arise each year does not stop growing. These companies are revolutionizing everything. And thus,…

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In addition to N26 – you should also know these German fintechs

In subways and on billboards N26 advertises just offensively for its direct bank offer. Apparently, the banking startup from Berlin has grown so fast that its own marketing department with the comma did not come after. In the ads, it promises “no hidden fees” and “#nobullshit”. Now N26 has collected…

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