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Tag: Rephraser APIs

Detect The Plagiarism On Your Texts Just With A URL Code And This API

Do you worry about writing plagiarised work? Well, we have just the solution to your problems. Writing would have never been this easy if it was not for this API. Rewriting, plagiarism detection, summarizing, analyzing and extracting are its six main features. And most importantly, it will detect any sign…

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This Plagiarism Detector Will Prevent Copyright Problems

Are you struggling with copyright standards? Do you need to improve originality? Then, you’re on your lucky day. Below, you’ll find an API with a plagiarism detector that will prevent you from any copying issues. Nowadays, there are too many rules to attend concerning writing and publishing. Subsequently, you must…

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B2Bs Can Renew Advertising Content With a Paraphrasing API

Are you desperate for new tools to improve advertising? Then, this paraphrasing API will be of great help to your business! Undoubtedly, there are various reasons for B2Bs to incorporate some writing tools into their daily tasks. This kind of commerce needs to pay special attention to the content they…

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A Sentiment Analysis Feature Can Reveal The Writer’s Mood

Does your writing business require the comprehension of authors’ feelings? Then, you can opt for an API with a sentiment analysis feature that can reveal the writer’s mood! Above all, any massive activity needs to automize processes nowadays. Conversely, you’ll probably lose time and money. Moreover, there’s no point in…

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