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Detect The Plagiarism On Your Texts Just With A URL Code And This API

Do you worry about writing plagiarised work? Well, we have just the solution to your problems. Writing would have never been this easy if it was not for this API. Rewriting, plagiarism detection, summarizing, analyzing and extracting are its six main features. And most importantly, it will detect any sign of plagiarism. Learn more about this paraphrasing tool here!

No one wants to be that person or company that could not come up with new ideas. It is not flattering. All everyone on the market want is to have e a distinctive brand. And to have that, some help is always needed. We present you with Plaraphy API. This new rewriting tool will make sure that your texts go from okay to amazing without any plagiarism! What makes this API the best rephrasing system is that it takes just seconds to get back your new text, that you can pass texts that go up to 1,000 characters at a time, and that this API uses advanced technology to detect plagiarism.

Who can use it?

Are you a developer and need help getting the information come across in your apps? Then you should get this API to get easy and understandable sentences for your apps and websites. Do you tend to have writer’s block? Then you must write for a living and can not afford that happen regularly. Writers and content creators recommend this paraphrasing API that allows their creativity to get flowing. Are you part of a publicity or marketing team and need new slogans and phrases for your brand? Then stop worrying. Get the exact message you need with the right tone by employing Plaraphy API. Are you a student? Get aboard and try this tool. And even you reading this article can use it. Besides it being an applicable service for any business, every person can use it because of how intuitive and easy it is.

Detect The Plagiarism On Your Texts Just With A URL Code And This API
Plaraphy API is for everyone, regardless of what they need to write.

What does this API do?

This API has six main attributes that will give you excellent results. Firstly, it offers a rewriting feature. The only thing you have to do is enter any text and it will rephrase it with no plagiarism and so that your text sounds great. Secondly, it has a plagiarism detector, which means that it detects the plagiarism rate of any URL you enter. Thirdly, it will classify in various categories whatever text you enter. Fourthly, this API can summarize texts that you pass through it. Fifthly, you can receive a sentiment analysis, which explains how your text will be interpreted. And lastly, you can extract any sentences or words from any article you enter. Each feature has a different endpoint but you can access them all with the same access key.

And how do you access it?

Accessing Plaraphy API is simple to explain and do. All you have to do is select a plan and subscribe to it. You can get the “Pro” plan, the “Ultra” plan or the “Scale” plan. Each offers a different amount of requests and the three are monthly services. It means that the bill renews every month like the number of requests. Once you have finished that short process, you just sign up. Signing up is filling out a short form and getting the access key. This key is a code with various digits, letters and numbers that only you know.

Detect The Plagiarism On Your Texts Just With A URL Code And This API
Plaraphy API‘s website

Check the API’s page for more information. And if you still have questions about this or other APIs contact us. Our email is [email protected] but don’t forget that our chatting room provides immediate assistance between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. (GMT+1).

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