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The digital bank Revolut has more than 700 clients per day in Spain

The British ‘fintech’ has surpassed the barrier of 200,000 users a year and a half after landing in our country. Purely digital banks win followers in Spain. After a year and a half operating in our country, the digital bank Revolut has overcome the barrier of 200,000 customers, according to…

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The Revolut fintech reaches 200,000 customers in Spain

The Fintech Revolut, founded by the investment exbanqueros of Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank Nik Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko as a digital alternative to the big banks, has reached 200,000 clients in Spain after a year and a half of operations. Registered operations The entity, based in London, landed in…

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Fintech: Why the revolution of Revolut could fail

The fintech, steered by ex-Credit-Suisse banker Nikolay Storonsky, shines with phenomenal growth. However, Revolut now has difficulties in a field in which digitization and scales are scarce. “Get Shit Done!” Is written in large letters in the London offices of Revolut. So far, the motto has worked brilliantly for the…

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Avoid the miserable working climate that Revolut is having

Miserable working climate at the fintech company Revolut? The technology magazine Wired reports on hair-raising working conditions at the banking app provider Revolut. In the fintech company from Great Britain prevail a harsh tone and a high turnover rate. Applicants should work for free As early as October 2018, Revolut…

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Fintech Startups: How to obtain your banking license and start the success

The career of the neobanks to reach the Olympus of finance is beginning to bear fruit. A few weeks ago we knew that Revolut, the British fintech but based in Lithuania, obtained its banking license after so many years struggling for it. In this way, the entity can start offering…

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