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Fintech N26 intends to expand in Brazil

N26 has announced that it intends to expand to Brazil and Pibank has become the first Spanish entity that allows you to change the pin of your cards by mobile. In addition, Openbank has launched a new promotion with which you can get 40 euros to spend on Amazon and Liberbank has lowered the cost of your personal loan. Among other new features that the financial product comparator tells us.


The race in which the new fintech banks are immersed seems to have no end. The N26 challenger bank announced last week that it intended to open its doors in Brazil. The novelty, which was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, has been accompanied by the opening of a waiting list for all Brazilians interested in joining N26. However, for now they will have to wait, following the forecasts, the next market in which the entity will land will be the United States and will do so during the next months. At the moment, the German bank operates in 24 European countries, including Spain. N26 is not the only entity that intends to cross the pond, the British Revolut, which already operates throughout the European Economic Area, as well as Switzerland, has just opened in Australia and plans to arrive this year in the United States, New Zealand, Canada and Singapore, countries where there are already thousands of users on their waiting list.

Changing third, Pibank has become the first Spanish entity that allows you to change the pin code of your cards from your mobile or online banking. Until now, the usual thing was to go to an ATM to carry out this operation, but since last March 1, the Pibank client can consult or safely change the pin, both debit and credit cards, without any need to go to a cashier.


Banco Pichincha has reduced the profitability of its deposit to 12 months from 0.70% to 0.60% APR. It can be purchased online without a minimum amount and interest will be received quarterly. Early cancellation is allowed, but with a penalty, the principal will be subtracted from the interest received. The current offer is valid until March 31st.

Another entity that has decided to reduce the interest of its fixed terms is the Maltese FimBank, whose deposits can be contracted through the Raisin fintech. Specifically, the six month fixed term now rents at 0.60% APR (before 0.70% APR) and the three month deposit has fallen from 0.80% to 0.60% APR. The minimum amount of both deposits is one thousand euros.


Ibercaja has put an end to the promotion with which it has incentivized the hiring of its new current account, Cuenta Vamos, since its premiere three months ago. From this month, new customers will no longer be able to take an Amazon check of up to 100 euros for hiring the account.

ImaginBank has done the opposite to Ibercaja and has extended its promotion to attract customers consisting of giving away 100 euros or a 32-inch Samsung TV. To enjoy one of the two gifts just open an Imagin checking account without commissions, direct a payroll of at least 600 euros per month as well as three receipts per quarter and pay a minimum of three times a quarter with the card. In addition, it will be necessary to comply with the above conditions for two years and remain a client for two more. Those who do not want to settle their payroll or assume a long stay, can take 40 euros if they enter at least 250 euros per month for three consecutive months and make purchases with the card every month for three months. In this case the permanence is reduced to two years.

Openbank gives a check to spend in Amazon of 40 euros to the first 1,500 new customers who open an Open Current Account between 5 and 21 of this month. It will be necessary to enter the promotional code AMMZ in the appropriate field of the registration form and maintain a balance of at least 300 euros. There is no commitment to stay.


Liberbank has lowered the cost of its Now You Loan that can now be contracted from 5.95% TIN previously the minimum was 6.65%. After the change, the APR has fallen to 6.11%. Allows to request between 3,000 to 6,000 euros that will have to be repaid in a period of between two and five years. It has no opening, study or early cancellation fees. The offer is available until March 31 and does not require direct payroll.


Coinc now allows their mortgages to have up to two holders. Until now, only a borrower could take ownership of their mortgage loans.

Kutxabank eliminates the commission to open their mortgages and lowers interest. Thus, the differential of the Variable Mortgage and of the Young Mortgage goes from 0.90% to 0.89% although the initial fixed rate of the first year rises from 1.40% to 1.45%, while the interest of the Fixed Mortgage is reduced from 2.50% to 2.20%. Also, this entity withdraws the Mixed Mortgage from its catalog.

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