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Tag: Silicon Valley

How a platform will help companies to save energy and money

When a company raises its staff immediately one of the problems that arise in their areas of human resources is the management and management of financial resources. In this sense, technology has been advancing in the development of various alternatives that help to make time and costs more efficient for…

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Silicon Valley funds are received ​by startups

Jalisco companies that offer technological solutions are targeted by Silicon Valley investment funds. The big exchanges that previously only invested in the United States, now turn to Latin America, especially to Guadalajara, said Jolynn Vallejo, director of LatinSF, a public-private initiative that connects Latin America with San Francisco, California to…

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A Germany based software startup wants to venture a large step into the USA

The digital enterprise collects nearly nine million euros from investors. The head office is now moving to the main market and the product development remains in Cologne. The travel fund is lavishly filled With a recently completed financing round, the Cologne based software startup ArangoDB wants to venture a larger…

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The history of Silicon Valley before all the startups

Once upon a time there was an abandoned lot in Palo Alto, California. Once upon a time there was a university that opted for its students and encouraged them to develop their own technology companies. That’s where Silicon Valley came from, with pioneers like Hewlett-Packard. California, United States. First state…

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German fintech startup gets 30 million euros from the Valley

The founders Pfisterer and Eugene Danilkis want to invest the more than 30 million Euros in more staff and their product, according to information from the Fintech Finance portal, which first reported on the round. According to the report, the company has grown by more than 100 percent over the…

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