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How Qupital is paving the way for SMEs and startups

Qupital, a fintech startup that claims to be Hong Kong’s largest commercial finance platform for SMEs. It has closed a $ 15 million a series led by CreditEase Fintech Investment Fund. With the participation of Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs investors. Fund and MindWorks Ventures, both participants in their seed round.…

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How to get cheaper loans for SMEs from Fintechs

FinTech portals on the Web are increasingly replacing financing requests via the bank. These offer a variety of flexible and tailored to individual company needs financial offers. In the US, around 80% of corporate financing is already bypassing conventional banks. In Germany too, alternative corporate financing through FinTech portals and…

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Startups, SMEs and multinationals: Where are they in the tech scale?

The VI edition of Openexpo Europe presents the latest innovations in open technological innovation in Europe that will mark the future of the digital economy. The incorporation of technological advances in companies is creating a new business ecosystem in the world Normally companies are classified by size, however, thanks to…

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FinTech: New ways to finance self-employment and SMEs

The term FinTech – combination of financial services and new technologies – is an abbreviation for financial technology. Among them, various modern technologies are subsumed, which are assigned to the financial sector. A FinTech company – often referred to as FinTech – is thus a company that offers modern, usually…

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Cologne startups are seeking contact with SMEs

The portal is growing. In the meantime, more than 200 companies from the region have registered on the portal of the Digital Hub Cologne and provide up-to-date data on the local startup ecosystem. The startups of the economic region Cologne concentrate their services and products predominantly on B2B target…

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