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Startups, SMEs and multinationals: Where are they in the tech scale?

The VI edition of Openexpo Europe presents the latest innovations in open technological innovation in Europe that will mark the future of the digital economy.

The incorporation of technological advances in companies is creating a new business ecosystem in the world

Normally companies are classified by size, however, thanks to the incorporation of new tools such as Fintech and open technologies smaller companies can become real competition for large multinationals. On June 20, Madrid will host the VI edition of Openexpo Europe, the largest European event on topics of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, robotics and technology applied to innovation. Professionals of any field and specialized will be able to know the latest technological advances available to be fundamental for the growth of the current business fabric.

What does this mean?

The digitalization and the new technological processes suppose an important competitive advantage for those that incorporate them to their businesses. This has been demonstrated by tools such as fintech: The particular accounting of each department

or the coordination for the administrative professionals can suppose a lot of time of management and subtracts hours to the day to dedicate it really to tasks that generate real benefit. An example of this is its application to the commercial team. In his tasks, the justification of many expenses for displacement issues, accommodation, etc. is included. During the time they dedicate to creating expense sheets they are losing the opportunity to generate new sales. Fintech solutions benefit workers’ time to reduce costs and increase profits.

The incorporation of technological advances in companies must be accompanied by training programs

Professionals must see the new tools as allies to optimize their work processes and not as a threat to their positions. Investing in the right applications can multiply the productivity of each worker and thus the profit account of the company. That is why from the organization of the event insist that the information and training of employees is vital to the business strategy. More than 80 professionals have collaborated in the ebook “The future is open” to highlight the need to also create a community to share the advantages and opportunities of the advances that will be key for the future of the sector.

Main challenges of the Spanish economy in 2019

The main benefit provided by the competition is the need for large and small companies to optimize year after year their business strategies to continue in the market in addition to improving their products and services for their customers. The organizers of the event have classified 5 main ICT challenges for the Spanish economy during 2019 and for this purpose they have created a series of specialized micro events to create debates and presentations that add value to visitors:

  • OpenTech Conference: not all companies have the ability to invest in their own developers, which is why technology and open source solutions have caused a great revolution in the transformation of companies and the creation of new ones, where the value lies in the nature and management of the company and not so much in their technological development giving more value to the product or service they offer.
  • European Cybersecurity Forum: cybersecurity has become one of the main focuses of attention for companies. For a user, their privacy and security of their data is more important than the ease of managing the tool. The forum will discuss the current problems of cyberspace, the threats with business cybersecurity and the solutions for
  • AI & IoT Summit: you can learn how Artificial Intelligence can benefit the processes and strategies of companies, adding value to the template and management models.
  • Fintech Forum: to discover which are the fundamental challenges facing the sector in the financial aspect and the tools that companies can adopt to optimize their
  • Open CIO Summit: directed by invitation to CIO’s & IT Leaders to participate in exclusive sessions through which to be updated of all the disruptive tendencies that can help to generate benefits to the

Openexpo Europe 2019 is a good opportunity to meet professionals and companies most relevant in the sector to find the most appropriate technological solutions, to know the trends of the sector and since it is a meeting point and business generation.

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