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Why Coronavirus is going to be good for startups?

Delivery is booming in China, nobody wants to go out of the home. The virus is spreading and all e-commerce and food delivery startups are gaining more market for groceries, food delivery and any other purchase that Chinese people can’t delay.

This type of people’s behaviour is going to spread over the world and startups that are focused on the delivery of any type of goods, will grow faster than ever.

MedTech will boom too.

There are many startups using A.I. to identify molecules that could fight coronavirus. For example, I known very well a startup called Insilico Medicine.

Is a startup based in Rockville, Md., says it has used artificial intelligence to rapidly identify molecules that could form the basis of an effective treatment against the coronavirus at the heart of the current outbreak.

It took Insilico’s A.I.-based system four days to identify thousands of new molecules that could be turned into potential medicines against the virus. Insilico says it will synthesize and test 100 of the most promising candidates, while publishing the full library of new molecular structures it has generated for other researchers to possibly use.

Insilico, which was founded in 2014 and has raised about $50 million in venture capital funding to date, uses a number of different A.I. techniques to invent new molecules that can form the basis of pharmaceuticals, determine if existing drugs can be repurposed for new uses, and to predict the outcome of clinical trials. The company has a partnerships with pharmaceutical giant GSK and China’s Jiangsu Chia Tai Fenghai Pharmaceutical to help those companies find molecules for possible new drugs.

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