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The best voice commands for Google Assistant: How could it help your startup?

Google Assistant has given us the possibility to take with us everywhere a small virtual butler on our phone. There are many orders and queries that we can make to help us in our daily lives. Setting alarms, checking the time, making calls and even singing are some of the…

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Why do entrepreneurs see Israel as inspiration for their business?

Israel, with its thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, has become one of the most visited pilgrimage sites by Latin American entrepreneurs. From the first time I stepped on Israel, I was impressed by its ability to overcome all barriers. After several trips, I realized that I had to design a program to…

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Three young Cologne founders are competing with Amazon, Google and Microsoft

As already briefly announced in the Deal Monitor, Endeit Capital, EnBW New Ventures, EnjoyVenture and High-Tech Gründerfonds are investing a considerable € 7 million in the Cologne startup gridscale, a provider for Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform -as-a-service solutions. What’s been said so far “We are very confident in the potential of…

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Do you own a startup? Never forget to attend investment events!

Hundreds gathered this week at Pier 48 in San Francisco to watch the more than 200 companies from the 2019 Winter Cohort of Y Combinator present their two-minute releases. The audience of venture capitalists, who collectively manage hundreds of billions of dollars, pointed to their favorites. The best investors, however,…

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10 startups who are fresh at Startbase

With the startup database Startbase, the Federal Association of German Startups (BVDS) and the Stuttgart Stock Exchange want to enable companies and investors to quickly and easily find startups from specific areas. Startbase is a further development of the existing VentureZphere database since 2017. Startups based in Germany can already…

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Do you have a startup? This is what you need to know about how the Google search engine works

How does the Google search engine work: crawling, indexing and ranking? Learn how the Google search engine works. How it finds, tracks and classifies the one billion web pages that exist to offer you the results you see when you search on Google. Although the details of the process are…

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