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Why do you search Fortnite’s ‘black hole’ code on Google Maps? This is the truth

On Sunday, October 13, various users returned to social networks not only to detail what is happening in the new Fortnite event, but an unusual event that caused the entire map of the Epic Games video game to disappear completely. Various theories have caused users to despair and have not…

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US investigates Twitter, Facebook and Google for unfair competition

Mobile phone with Facebook and Twitter applications among others. The US says it is reviewing how technology companies have gained power in the market and if they have engaged in practices that harm competition The US Department of Justice announced Tuesday that it has opened an investigation into the business…

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Square Crypto: How will it help Bitcoin?

As a number of recent developments, such as Vitalik Buterin’s latest topical update on Ethereum, Samsung’s consumer oriented cryptographic solution and the growing Bitcoin Lightning Network, easily demonstrate, now is the perfect time for industry stakeholders do tests, and then publish the stellar results. Some companies may have missed the…

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Intervieving candidates for your startup. List of complicated questions you can ask in a job interview

These questions will try to confuse you, but, with a little preparation, you can give answers that impress. I like a conversation that gives to think as well as anyone, but when one is trying to give the best of himself in a job interview, it is possible that he…

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The keys to the revolution of small vehicles in cities. Is the boom coming to LatAm cities?

The revolution of small vehicles in cities aims to solve in a sustainable way the problem of circulation. In various academic investigations, in books and even in a TED talk, the economist Sendhil Mullainathan popularized the concept of the “last mile problem” years ago. Mullainathan currently teaches in Chicago, went…

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