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“Along the way, technologies are changing, the market is changing direction and sometimes, once a century or so, there is also an epidemic.”

The i3 Equity Partners fund is not afraid to take high-risk investments, provided the company has the potential to change the rules of the game and create a competency gap that will make it more difficult for competitors. Meanwhile, Adam Fischer of Bessemer and Ille Waldman of Melanox are boasting…

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Are startups falling? Some unicorns are more like rodents

The withdrawal of the WeWork coworking stock, whose estimated value dropped substantially from $ 47 billion to $ 10 billion overnight, shows that even in Silicon Valley, nothing is free, even if it sometimes doesn’t. The founder of the Czech innovation studio Pixelmate Matyáš Mandík in his commentary reflects on…

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London: European capital of the unicorn technology startups

According to the technology and investment advisory firm, GP Bullhound: London is still home to the largest number of technology companies of 1 billion dollars in Europe, but maintaining that leadership after Brexit can be more difficult. Currently, London hosts 13 unicorn businesses That is more than Madrid, Stockholm and…

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New startup companies and fintechs enter the ‘unicorn’ hub

A report from CB Insights for The New York Times reveals the 50 companies that could reach a valuation of $ 1,000 million in the coming years. Among the ranking are startups such as Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, which even surpass this valuation and emprendimientos related to services and technology continue…

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A new Fintech Unicorn in Europe: Why N26 is such a success

Milestone for the German financial startup industry: According to a report of the “Handelsblatt” (e-paper edition), N26 has concluded a financing round of allegedly 260 million euros, thereby becoming the first German fintech unicorn. According to “HB”, the investors now quantify the value of the Berlin-based smartphone bank at around…

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InVision: From a pure prototyping tool to the best product design

The design startup Invision is worth $ 1.9 billion after a $ 115 million round of financing – and apparently ready to take on the heavyweight fight with Adobe. With new design tools such as Invision Studio, Invision Cloud, and Invision DSM, the software startup Invision has evolved from a…

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