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Tag: Venture Capital

Venture Capital puts an eye on the fintech sector

Mexico is considered among the first options. The fintech world in Mexico is experiencing a stage of growth, just five years ago and there was talk of technological entrepreneurship, and bringing the financial system closer to the unbanked population. Now, this vertical of entrepreneurship is the one that most excites…

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How to get venture capital for your startup? Make other countries invest in your business

Latin America is one of the regions with the highest economic growth in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that SoftBank, one of the largest conglomerates and venture capital funds in the world, has announced the creation of an investment vehicle of 2 billion dollars for the region. The…

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Vienna’s startup started to raise largest seed fund in Europe

 Oliver Holle, CEO of the Vienna VC Speedinvest, announces at a press conference on the upcoming fund Speedinvest that there will be fund raising for startups. Which will be the largest seed fund in Europe, if they manage to raise that.  With a target size of 175 million euros, the venture…

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Great start for a brilliant year in the Fintech world

FinTechs and startups have been struggling for some time to raise new capital. Prerequisite: You are successful and promising. At the end of January 2019, Startup Ticker’s Swiss Venture Capital Report 2019 presented pleasing developments and figures. In 2018, Swiss start-ups raised more than CHF 1.2 billion in venture capital…

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3 lessons that a VC fund learned when investing in Latin America start-ups

The lessons Get involved Matcha Kaori joined Itera Capital’s portfolio in 2016. The company, founded by Liliana Díaz in 2013, imports handmade teas from Japan that she sells in different presentations. To accelerate its growth, the fund helped create a corporate governance, a commercial strategy and a sales plan. In…

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Complete Guide on Venture Capital in Latin America (main actors by country and reports on the state)

In this article, we will show the current landscape of the venture capital industry in LATAM with the main actors of the countries where the entrepreneurship hubs of the region are located. We hope you find it useful 😉 According to the latest report on the state of the Venture…

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