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Great start for a brilliant year in the Fintech world

FinTechs and startups have been struggling for some time to raise new capital. Prerequisite: You are successful and promising.

At the end of January 2019, Startup Ticker’s Swiss Venture Capital Report 2019 presented pleasing developments and figures. In 2018, Swiss start-ups raised more than CHF 1.2 billion in venture capital in 230 rounds of financing. That’s 32 percent more than last year.

The largest deal with 100 million francs was recorded by a FinTech, Seba Crypto in Zug. FinTech as a sector is generally well represented with 187.9 million, successful FinTechs find investors and capital much easier than just a few years ago.

Superlative and constancy

Of course the big players like Seba Crypto in Switzerland or N26 in Germany speak, but more important is a start-up-friendly climate, consistency and thus the willingness of investors to provide promising startups and FinTechs with capital.

The uptrend seems to continue, FinTechs will also find open investor doors in 2019, convincing with their idea, strategy and performance. Several financing rounds of the last days and weeks confirm this trend in the still young year.

FinTechs and investors

N26 with 260 million euros

At the beginning of the year, the German Neo-Bank N26 (as a new unicorn) surprised with its Series D financing round, which has brought FinTech a record 260 million euros into the coffers.

Loanboox with 22 million Swiss francs

Good news from Swiss FinTech Loanboox a few days ago: the money and capital market platform has raised CHF 22 million in the Series B round of financing. Founder Stefan Mühlemann and his team have driven the company’s valuation to CHF 122 million within only three years with their idea and a consistently pursued expansive strategy.

Interesting in Loanboox: the round of financing was significantly oversubscribed; FinTech was able to select from the group of international investors those investors who could also offer Loanboox the greatest added value in terms of content.

World savings with 100 million euros

The Berlin-based FinTech Raisin, which is very successful with its World Savings Platform, is currently announcing the completion of the Series D financing round, which also sets a brand with EUR 100 million.

“Time to multiply your toads”

This call originates from world saving and is aimed at platform users who want to earn interest savings with savings and investment products.

Nice that the same saying applies more recently and increasingly for startups, FinTechs and investors. At a different level, in other environments, but with the same intention:

Some need it, others need it – if things go well, it will be a rewarding business for everyone involved. Venture Capital.

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