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Take a look at what this startup has been up to: Organic eggs certified by blockchain

Through a QR code, customers can know all the information about the eggs they are buying and verify that they are really organic.

The Catalan company Montsoliu has launched an initiative to improve the transparency of the eggs it produces. Thanks to blockchain technology, the company can record different data. For example, you can register the laying of eggs, their collection, shipping and arrival at the supermarket.

Each box will have a QR code that the customer can scan to know all this data

The code also has a link that connects the client with the farm of origin to observe the hens in real time.

The company states that each hen can walk in about 4 m² of field that has not been treated with fertilizers or pesticides. In addition, they ensure that chickens can access feed and drinking water whenever they want. With the QR code link, the customer can check the company’s claims.

Likewise, the client will have information about the feeding of the hens. With this, Montsoliu can guarantee that the feed is of ecological origin.

The blockchain platform that Montsoliu will use has been developed by the startup Vottun.

The startup shared with Expansión that the platform they have created is a pioneer in the food sector. They have used, simultaneously, private and public blockchain networks, that of Ethereum and that of Hyperledger.

Vottun: from public transport to organic eggs

The startup Vottun has participated in other initiatives based on blockchain. A few weeks ago, Vottun was the winning winner of the Banco Santander challenge.

The project with which he won focuses on developing an application so that public transport users in Madrid can make all payments through a platform. Thus, they can pay for the subway, the bus, the taxi or the rental of an electric bicycle, among other things, with the same app.

Do you think Vottun’s blockchain platform for Montsoliu will help reduce the fraud that exists in the poultry sector? Do you think that customers have the right to know where exactly the eggs they buy come from and under what conditions are the chickens? Share your opinion in the comments section.

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