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Text-To-Speech To Create Erotic Audiobooks

Let’s face it, scrolling becomes next to impossible when you have your hands full… on something else, if you know what I mean. Nowadays, masturbation is no longer a taboo subject, at least not as much as it used to be. Sexuality in general has become a topic that we are no longer ashamed of, but despite this, it is still a field open to possibilities. Therefore, today we bring you a suggestion to explore and increase your sexual enjoyment: Woord‘s Text-To-Speech converter to Create Erotic Audiobooks.

One of the least used but most effective methods to increase sexual desire is erotic literature, which is why sexual health experts highly recommend it, both to explore our own bodies and to share a moment with a partner. Literature forces us to imagine all the time, it is a stimulus that allows us to live our fantasies. For this reason, erotic books are considered an important part of psychological treatments to improve sexuality.

Text-To-Speech To Create Erotic Audiobooks

4 Benefits Of Erotic Literature

1. Stimulates the imagination: Erotic literature recreates situations and allows us to live our sexual fantasies. Erotic books differ from pornography in that they stimulate the imagination more, especially in women. In turn, reading erotic books gives us the possibility of being in different situations, in different scenarios, and facing different thoughts.

2. Increases sexual desire: Imagination is the first step to awaken libido or sexual desire, so imagining yourself in erotic situations within a story can be a good strategy. Before having good sex, the first thing is to have a series of stimuli and learnings. The erotic has a lot to do with the imagination, with the senses, with imagining, therefore, the more material we have in our heads, the better.

3. You discover new things: Erotic literature can broaden your horizons because it helps you understand that eroticism goes beyond sexual contact. It produces a novelty and discovery of another type of sex that is less conventional, more ambitious, different, and with passionate connotations that free the imagination. This may involve more frequent intercourse, trying new positions, and using new items such as sex toys.

4. Your sexual life changes: There are a large number of studies that suggest that those who start reading erotic literature affirm that this has been a before and after. Mainly in the case of women, for whom the conventional porn industry is not directed, it seems to be an interesting sexual tool.

Why Create Erotic Audiobooks With Woord‘s Text-To-Speech?

You can certainly buy erotic audiobooks online, and it is indeed a great option. However, making your own audiobooks has some advantages. The experience can be much more personalized and thus intensify the sensations even more. Woord will allow you to customize the narrator’s voice; in fact, you can choose if you want it to be a female, male or gender-neutral voice, as well as the language and even the dialect. You can also customize the speed with which the AI reads.

Woord‘s Text-To-Speech API has a highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Regardless of the fact that you have never used software of this type, you will have no problem doing so. The free version of this program is already extremely complete by itself, although if you want to experiment even more with its SSML editor, I recommend that you check out the monthly subscriptions, since it has extremely affordable prices and a wide variety of settings.

How To Use Woord?

  • First, go to
  • Once you are on Woord, choose the format of the file you want to convert. Woord supports pdf, txt, doc(x), pages, odt, ppt(x), ods, non-DRM epub, jpeg, png. You can also type directly on the SSML editor.
Text-To-Speech To Create Erotic Audiobooks
  • Then, select or drag your file.
  • Next, press the “Import Document” button.
  • Below the file, the transcript will appear in an editor that you can modify to your liking.
  • Almost to finish, select the gender of the voice and the device on which you will play the audio.
  • Finally, it only remains to hit the “Speak it!” button and download.

And that would be it. It only remains to enjoy your new erotic audiobook.

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