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The adoption of the xRapid startup should be strongly promoted

The American startup ripple offers smaller payment solutions to smaller, medium and large companies to handle cross-border transactions faster, cheaper and more efficiently. Currently, the CEO of social trading company eToro, Yoni Assia, is visiting Ripple to learn how xRapid can be used in practice.

Ripple is one of the most talked-about projects in the crypto scene, but many supporters have as many critics. The CEO of the eToro trading platform has announced that he is peddling ripple headquarters and evaluating the introduction of xRapid for eToro’s services and services. Above all, the topic of cross-border payment solutions is in the foreground, since not only costs, but also every amount of time can be saved.

I think that as a fintech company it is very important to maintain relationships with other fintech companies. Obviously, we are one of the largest trading platforms on XRP. Therefore, we are very interested in establishing a relationship with Ripple Labs and understanding what we can do together.

Changpheng Zhao, CEO of the crypto-exchange Binance, also has a strong interest in working with Ripple in the future and using the opportunities of both companies to further advance the adoption of XRP (freely translated):

We are now focusing on introducing more features, so we are working with a number of other partners. There is nothing wrong with xRapid at the moment, but in the future we definitely want to add it as a partner.

Mercury FX announced a few days ago that payments can now be made to Mexico and to the Philippines using xRapid, and thus through the use of Ripple’s native token, XRP.

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