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The Best IP Geolocation API To Know Someone’s Address

Are you looking for the best API to be able to identify the IP address of people accessing your site? Then you are about to read the right article.

IP addresses are a set of rules for communication over the Internet, whether it is sending email, streaming video or connecting to a website. What an IP address does is to be able to identify a network or device on the Internet.  IP addresses can provide us with very important data so that we can make important decisions for our business.

In the current market, there are many APIs that allow knowing the location of visitors, and then with that information, you can generate many restrictions. These are important for the owner of the website to have control over who consumes the content that is published.

The Best IP Geolocation API To Know Someone's Address

Through the IP address, you can get to the required information and there are APIs that can track the IP address. One of them is IpXapi, in our opinion is the most secure and reliable. through it, you can get accurate and precise information.

To test it:

1- Enter

2- Enter the IP address or click in the “look up” botton.

3- Done, after only a few seconds you will get all the information.

4- You have the information to save or use for what you want.

The Best IP Geolocation API To Know Someone's Address

 You only need to register to use it with your email. Different plans are depending on the use you want to give to this API. It was created with scalability and efficiency of use in mind. Also, it really gets less than 10 moments to implement. It is further worth noting that it is used by the greatest developers and big corporations around the world.

This software is highly recommended and one of the best and most accurate. Consumers generate very good reviews, as it provides accurate and precise information. It can be used for free if it is for non-commercial use. And no API key is required. So, it is really easy to integrate and is available in JSON, XML, CSV, Newline, PHP.

Finally, there are 3 plans depending on the number of calls you want to make. They can be paid with credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Diners) or Paypal.

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