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The Best MVP Tools for prototype design for early-stage entrepreneurs

Here I leave some references on programs and resources to make prototypes of design:


A new tool to design modern interfaces, built and used by designers on Facebook.

Create prototypes with Sketch layers and play with masks, particle systems and live cameras.

You can copy anything from Sketch and paste the native layers into Origami Studio.


Sketch is a set of digital design tools to transform your designs into interactive prototypes. Through work symbols, we can easily update the repeated design elements, from icons to avatars.

For Mac, from $ 99.


Wireframes and rapid prototyping of the structure of a web or application (‘mockups’). Reproduce the experience of drawing on a blackboard, but using a computer.

Application with versions to work on the web, on the desktop or in Google Drive.


Web and mobile design tools, prototypes and collaboration in the cloud for work teams.

Online payment application from $ 9 a month. From there, the subscription is going up according to contracted features: Export PDF, HTML, PNG, mockups, integration with Sketch and Photoshop, integration with Google Fonts, access to the design library and documentation …


Invision Studio:

Tool in the cloud to design screens for web and mobile. Design templates, prototypes, animations, instant commentaries on the work in progress designs.

Application with versions to work on the web, on the desktop or in Google Drive.

InVision DSM (Design System Manager):

UX components and libraries.

Integration with other collaborative tools such as DropBox, Jira, Slack, Confluence, Teamwork, Trello, Basecamp, Microsoft Teams.

Subscriptions from zero cost (1 prototype) to 99 euros per month (work equipment, no limit).

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