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The future of AI and Fintech

The German capital, Europe’s strong economy, will host two international innovation events led by a group of people and computers: FUTURE of AI Europe 2019 – Leading International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Web Fintech Junction Europe 2019 – Fourth International Conference on Innovation in Financial Technologies.

AI Berlin is expected to bring together prominent AI-based players from across the country and across the continent: startups and venture capitalists, executives, investors, machine learning experts, AI systems developers, software engineers and more.

“The FUTURE of AI Europe 2019 International Conference in Berlin is produced in light of the success of the previous two conferences in Tel Aviv over the past two years. The Israeli conference hosted more than 1,000 experts from around the world and brought together the strongest companies operating in the arena, including Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Amazon, Sailors, Amdocs and Google, along with dozens of entrepreneurs and hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors and developers. This year, the European Conference intends to outperform its predecessors and host the representatives of the big companies for two days that are technologically and business-inspired”.  Asked why Berlin was chosen as the hot destination for the international event, Peled explains that “Berlin is an international hub for entrepreneurship, technology, innovation and start-ups, and one of the goals of the event is to create an immediate connection between the German high-tech community and its counterparts. In addition, as Europe’s key financial capital, Berlin was the natural choice as a suitable place, and finally, we recognized a need to rise from the local high-tech market to a professional, Israeli-led international conference that will provide real value to its participants.Our mission is to leverage the business goals of their peers Attend the event, make connections and assist with networking Social within the community”.

2020: The AI Renaissance Decade

Big Data analytics, deep learning, and machine learning based on artificial intelligence enable computers to recognize repeating patterns and to train themselves to be “smart” without human guidance. These reasons bring AI to the forefront of the global high-tech stage. As part of the Berlin conference, the final phase of the International Future of AI start-up competition for groundbreaking ventures will be held. The competition is aimed at startups developing technology and services in the world of artificial intelligence, offering solutions with significant business potential, and the winning startup will have the opportunity to be widely exposed to conference participants and other stakeholders, along with a dream package to help leverage industry – in the country and beyond. “The world is looking to work with the Nation Startup and the Jewish mind that invents the best patents,” notes Peled. “He is looking for talented, big-time entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact by using advanced technologies such as AI and blockchain to change the world’s economies. In recent years, the Israeli high-tech industry has achieved achievements, placing Israel at the forefront of technological innovation in areas such as AI and cyber,” he said. guitar pick. “Israel is also a powerhouse in retail and trade technologies, with a large part of these technologies being based on advanced artificial intelligence solutions. Over the past five years, about 150 new AI start-ups have been established, with a total of more than 1,000 operating companies already The judges of the competition are pleased that this year’s applications from intriguing companies from a variety of fields have been submitted. The goal is to expose target audiences to the downside Companies that have the potential to create a positive social impact, alongside the ability to build a sustainable company, with a foundation for significant growth, as every year, the competition is looking for companies with a big vision, led by entrepreneurs with motivation and a high ability to succeed in implementing their vision. The startup promises promise to the general public, the media and decision makers in the industry, and to allow the big companies and venture capitalists to give them an opportunity and leverage, ”Peled points out. “When the startup representatives with the Israeli intelligence and prowess occupy the Berlin Station complex for Christmas, it will be an inspiring way to welcome the coming decade of 2020”, he concludes.

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