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Looking for an API to get Platinum and Palladium Live Rates in Indian Rupee Currency? Check This Company

What is a free API for getting the current price of Platinum and Palladium? Or What is a free API for getting the current price of Platinum and Palladium with Indian Rupee currency? In order to know about Platinum and Palladium live rates, there’s a lot of APIs available online.…

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Google’s Artificial Intelligence suspends in ethics

Less than a week. This is what has lasted the Advanced External Technology Advisory Council (ATEAC) of Google, whose objective was to advise the company on the ethical aspect of Artificial Intelligence, especially when implementing new tools of machine learning, facial recognition, natural language processing, music technology, etc. The decision…

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Why the insurance market is still far from being innovative?

They emphasize that the client was given the possibility of using platforms and self-managing different services, far from delegating more tasks to them, what was given was power. The fourth edition of InsureTech Connect (ITC 2019) began at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with about 7,500 participants from 60…

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A robot in charge of your investments: this is how robbery advisors work

Automated portfolio managers use algorithms to decide where to invest your money. Its advantages are greater profitability and lower costs due to lower commissions. Would you let an algorithm decide how to invest your money? Would you trust a robot to guide your investments? The number of people who do…

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Google advances in AI: Now it will allow Android smartphones to protect logins

In the middle of last year, Google announced that during 2017 each and every one of its 85,000 employees had not been victims of phishing. How did they achieve this? Making the use of USB physical keys, or ‘Security Keys’, mandatory. Due to this success, a few months ago Google…

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