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The importance of expanding: WeWork announces expansion and greater positioning in the national market

The transformation of the way of working of the companies, both of the entrepreneurs, the independent ones and of recognized companies, seeking to optimize the operating costs, has allowed the WeWork startup to have an important growth, after two years of its incursion in the country .

According to the company’s balance sheet, after reaching the country in 2017, the third market of its operations in Latin America, it already has more than 8,000 members and more than 1,000 companies in its community nationwide.

The allies

Some of the companies in Colombia that already have WeWork as an ally to face the future of work and incorporate the new global workforce are Latam Airlines, Philip Morris, AirFrance – KLM, Natura, Colsubsidio, Pernod Ricard, AT&T, Roché, Mars, Grin, Spotify, among others.

And he adds that in Colombia, 51 percent of the members say that the model has helped them accelerate their business and 78 percent have attracted and retained the best talent for their organization.

The eye is on millennials

In addition, he explains that another fact that will impact and change the dynamics of work in the world has to do with the fact that for next year it is estimated that more than 50 percent of the global workforce will be ‘millennials’, a generation that has been challenging the status quo, which seeks work motivations different from those of past generations, and who yearns for connections in a world that feels increasingly disconnected.

And taking into account the success that has been demonstrated by co-creation and shared work spaces to enhance the creativity and productivity of its teams, the company enlists the opening of three new buildings in the country.

Culture, people and growth

The next one will be in Barranquilla and opens in November, followed by a second headquarters in Medellín that will open in December, while February 2020, will open its tenth building in Bogotá, in the La Colina sector, thus completing 12 points.

“The company put on the table the culture of collaboration so that people and companies grow at the same pace, creativity is encouraged and a true positive transformation is achieved in cities and work environments”, WeWork said.

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