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4 effective ways to sell on the web

Sales channels have diversified in recent years. Today, it is possible to sell online without taking big risks and sometimes even without the need for stock. These sales methods are a real boon for young entrepreneurs or people wishing to make ends meet.


Marketplaces like Amazon are particularly suitable for selling mass-appealing products, as they give the product a certain degree of credibility by reaching a wide audience. For example, it is a great place to sell electronic products, books, DVDs and other items of general interest.

The disadvantage of the marketplace is that the reputation and credibility of the product are directly related to Amazon and not to your own brand. The customer thinks he has bought “on Amazon”, an Amazon product. This means that marketplaces are not necessarily the best option for sellers who have a strong brand or who sell single-use products. Finally, each product posted on the marketplace is subject to a high commission. It is therefore better to favor products on which the margin is substantial.

The dropshipping

Dropshipping is a fairly recent method of selling directly through its suppliers. It has the huge advantage of being able to do without stock (and avoid all the risks and costs involved). The seller creates his site (or his products on a marketplace), buys his goods to a third party and sends them directly to the customers. Therefore, by choosing the dropshipping as a sales channel, the product never passes into the hands of the seller.

Auction market

The eBay site is one of the most popular online marketplaces in the auction field. It is a good choice for vendors specializing in rare, vintage or collectible products. Registration is free under 50 articles per month. As for marketplaces, a commission is applied on each sale.

The big plus of Ebay is that it allows you to benefit from a shipping program for sellers with customers abroad. The disadvantage of this kind of this sales channel is that it forces sellers to wait a while before the sale, the final price of which may be disappointing.

Sell via social networks

Facebook offers the possibility to create a shop directly on the network, which can also be integrated into its e-commerce site. The main advantage of this channel is that it facilitates the sales process because fans can buy directly through their account. Facebook has also set up its own marketplace that looks like a mini “Leboncoin” within the social network. Note that Pinterest and Instagram also offer an online sales system.


Whatever your project, choosing your sales channel will depend on the same key factors: the business model, your goals, brand awareness, audience and product type.

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