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The latest trends of the Fintech world

In recent years we have witnessed an increase in activity in Fintech, a term that is applied to the transformations of financial services caused by technological advances. And last year 2018 has not been different, since everything related to the fintech continues in full development.

The amazing influence of Fintechs on the market is evidenced by record levels of funding for the industry: in the third quarter of 2018, total funding had already risen 82% compared to all 2017, according to CB Insights.

This year, already being different

In addition, this year marked a milestone for the industry, since the clear distinction between traditional financial services and new fintech platforms has diffused significantly. Virtually all traditional financial institutions have opted for innovation, stimulated by the competition of new startups. Traditional operators are investing, acquiring and collaborating actively with their rivals in the fintech industry.

The latest advances in the financing and regulation of the fintech ecosystem that are defining the environment in which these new companies operate. We also examine the changes in the business model that different categories of fintechs are pursuing as they strive to integrate even more into the world of mainstream finance and demonstrate its sustainability.

Finally, we consider what elements of the fintech technology industry are spreading rapidly to traditional financial service providers, and what the future of these technologies will look like.

More details about the fintech industry

Financing of the Fintech industry reached new global highs in 2018, with a total of 32.6 billion dollars at the end of the third quarter.

Some emergent regions, such as South America and Africa, are joining this industry with strength.

Some fintech companies, including a number of insurance companies, are betting on new markets to open a gap between the competition.

Emerging areas such as blockchain technology and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) are gaining strength.

Many traditional operators are carrying out business transformations with the aim of renewing their products and services in full, from the frontend to the backend.

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